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Medics4RareDiseases joins forces with Bionical Emas to launch new online training

Medics4RareDiseases joins forces with Bionical Emas to launch new online training for healthcare professionals.

5 April 2022. Medics4RareDiseases (M4RD) is happy to announce it has collaborated with Bionical Emas, a global Contract Research Organisation, to launch new online training for healthcare professionals. The mini-module is comprised of two lessons which provide essential education on clinical trials and early access programmes in the context of rare diseases. The lessons are an expansion to the charity’s existing M4RD Learn online training platform that hosts Rare Disease 101. Similarly to the existing module, these lessons are flexible and free to access for all doctors in training and medical students.

Bionical Emas provides a range of services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, and M4RD is delighted to draw on the organisation’s industry knowledge and expertise to diversify our online training offering and provide interesting and important new subjects. It continues M4RD’s commitment to provide pragmatic rare disease education for medical students and doctors in training.

Lucy McKay, CEO of M4RD said: “This new mini-module is an invaluable extension to Rare Diseases 101, M4RD’s online training platform. Clinical trials and early access programmes are of immense importance to the rare disease community. The original eight-lesson module covers the basic principles of what rare disease is, when to suspect one, challenges faced by those living with these conditions and how to support them. This mini-module takes the training even further. Clinical research, the development of new drugs and access to investigational medicines is an important part of the rare disease arena. We would like to encourage those who have already taken Rare Diseases 101 to log back on to take their knowledge of rare diseases even further. For those who have yet to take Rare Diseases 101, this is even more incentive to log in and to become a rare disease ally.”

About Medics4RareDiseases (M4RD)

Medics4RareDiseases (M4RD) is a registered charity committed to providing rare disease education for medical professionals, students and doctors in training, with the primary goal of helping improve the journey through healthcare for people living with rare diseases, in order to achieve an earlier diagnosis.

Bionical Emas is a sponsor of M4RD in 2022. Go here find out more about how M4RD works with sponsors.

About Bionical Emas

Bionical Emas is a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) business which combines clinical development, early access programme and clinical trial supply capabilities to deliver a unique, seamless service for their international pharma and biotech clients. Their mission is to pioneer the way life-changing medicines are developed and accessed for patients around the world.

Its integrated suite of services enables Bionical Emas to maximise access, collect data and generate evidence at every point along the drug development pathway, allowing them to simultaneously address the immediate and future needs of patients.

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