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RARE Revolution promotions announcement

As a small team, we know well the value of our people. Our team are what makes us—us, and as we grow and evolve we work hard as co-founders to ensure that our people grow with us, and are up-levelled at every opportunity. In this spirit, we are delighted to announce two promotions within the team to kick start the year!

the value of our people

Emma Bishop officially joined the team in 2019, and is a valued Associate and member of our design and editorial team. In recognition of Emma’s work on our spotlight editions we are thrilled to announce that she is now our Special Editions Editor, and will have responsibility for overseeing and curating content for all of our spotlight and special edition supplements. Emma has a wonderful eye for detail in both design and story-telling and we are super excited to see where she takes us next with special editions!

One of our newest members of the team Rebecca (Becky) Pender who initially joined us part time, has certainly hit the ground running as our Team and Community Coordinator, and in a short time has carved out a much wider role and is now a full-time, much valued member of the team. Becky has a real super-power in her organisational and inter-personal skills and is a vital cog in the RARE Rev wheel. In recognition of the tremendous passion, skill and insights that she brings, we are delighted to announce Becky as having joined our senior leadership team at Associate level, in the role of Team and Community Associate.

Congratulations to Emma and Becky—you ladies rock!


Executive creative director, editor-in-chief

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