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The Muscle Help Foundation launches 20th anniversary celebrations

The Muscle Help Foundation charity is officially 20 years old! The charity has been delivering its Muscle Dream activities for children and young people (between 8 and 28 years old) living with muscular dystrophy for over two decades, changing lives, making dreams come true and giving hope.

The charity will be marking this milestone anniversary year between now and the end of March 2024 by fulfilling even more Muscle Dreams while raising vital awareness of its work and impact. There are also a few surprises lined up and plenty of ways for people to get involved.

Some of the charity’s patrons and celebrity friends will also be lending their support in a very special way. Watch this space.

One of the ways people can get involved is by recording a 20-second video on their phone letting the charity know how it has made a difference to them and why people should support its work. The chosen videos will then be used throughout the year on its website and social channels to highlight the charity’s impact.

The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) charity delivers a unique “wish fulfilment” model, tirelessly supporting the cherished dreams and aspirations of children and young people (between 8 and 28 years old) with muscular dystrophy (MD) and allied neuromuscular conditions and making those Muscle Dreams a reality; be that driving around a racetrack in an iconic sports car, experiencing flight, meeting a sporting hero or learning a new skill. These transformational experiences are called “Muscle Dreams”, and they are the charity’s core and tangible fulfilment device, delivering both immediate and long-term positive impacts to the beneficiary and their family.

The whole ethos of the charity is rooted in the idea that well-executed experiences fulfil a young person’s dreams and aspirations. Its entire charitable mission centres around a very important number: 657. The mission is simple. To deliver 657 transformational wish fulfilment experiences called ’Muscle Dreams’ for children, young people and their families with muscular dystrophy across the UK—that’s one life-changing, cherished moment-in-time for every muscle in the human body.

As of mid February 2023, the charity will have delivered 462 Muscle Dream interventions with 195 to go to reach its overall 657 target. To deliver the remaining 195 experiences via a combination of both virtual and in-person activities will cost over £100,000.

During its 20-year history, the charity has not only helped 462 families with its Muscle Dreams, but also reached thousands of families living with MD through its online support activities, the sharing of research, and by continually communicating its work.

CEO, Michael McGrath, says: “Our work doesn’t start and stop with an intervention—once a family becomes a beneficiary, by default they join our “Muscle Warrior” tribe, a UK-wide community where experiences, achievements, challenges and support are shared. We know that our beneficiaries value being part of this family-in-a-family community which also helps reduce isolation.

“I am immensely proud that the charity has reached such a milestone anniversary and I thank everyone who has been part of the journey. With your support we can continue our vital work and support families living with MD and make a positive impact on their lives.”

For more information about the charity’s work visit: Muscular Dystrophy Charity | Muscle Help Foundation

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